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Increasing Productivity with a 4th Axis CNC Solution for Workholding

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How Martin’s Stallion trunnion table system and AME’s CDV improve efficiency for vertical machining centers.

The Value-Add of Collaboration: How Outside Partners Can Drive Growth

Posted by Nick Goellner

When customers think of AMROK, the first thing that seems to come to mind is “leaders in tombstone manufacturing”, and that is certainly a reputation we are proud of and feel we have earned. However, what customers may not realize is that tombstones are just a small segment of our company. Through the years, we’ve also cultivated a reputation for building and maintaining strong…

How To: Maximize the Potential of Your Machining Envelope with Modular Vises

Posted by Crystal Van Vleet

Where can you make adjustments to take advantage of maximizing your shop’s potential while harnessing the creativity of your engineers, machinists, and operators?

4th-Axis Workholding Systems Provide Streamlined, Efficient Setup

Posted by Crystal Van Vleet | articles.tags: Modular 4th axis workholding system, 4th axis tooling, cnc trunnion table, 4th axis fixtures

There are many advantages to upgrading your workholding setup to include a modular, 4th-axis workholding system, and a simpler, more streamlined, and more efficient setup are just the start.

4th-Axis Workholding Provides Improved Efficiency

Posted by Crystal Van Vleet

Improve your throughput by upgrading your vertical machining center (VMC) setup to include a full 4th-axis workholding trunnion and modular fixturing system.

Tombstone Testing for Dynamic Performance

Posted by Christine Schmitz

Because tombstones support the workpiece during machining, their dynamic response becomes part of the entire system. The goal of this effort was to measure the dynamics individually and then as part of a machine set up. All tests were conducted by Dr. Tony L. Schmitz, a world renowned mechanical engineering professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Joint Faculty at Oak RIdge National Laboratory, who specializes in machine tool research and manufacturing engineering.

Five Workholding Tips to Eliminate the Wasted Space (and time) that Cuts into your Profit

Posted by Beat Baumgartner

"Wasting space within the machine tool is wasting time and in the business of manufacturing, time is money." - Beat Baumgartner - Triag International AG

Spending too much time Indicating in your Machine Shop?

Posted by Nick Goellner

That's an indication that you may need to upgrade your workholding foundations from T-slots to Grid Plates.

Four Reasons Aerospace Machinists Should Consider Ball Element Clamping Components for Their Applications

Posted by Lonnie Miller

Ball element clamping components offer a one-component, one-and-done setup solution for industries machining precision parts.



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