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Top 5 Reasons to Choose OTT-JAKOB Tool Clamping Systems

May 10, 2021

Choosing the wrong tool clamping system partner can be a serious mistake. Old-school CNC machine tool clamping solutions may need extra maintenance, experience shorter lives, and can even be hazardous to operators. So, what do we recommend?

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How OTT-JAKOB is Incorporating Industry 4.0 in Your Spindle

Oct 13, 2020

We’re all familiar with the products of Industry 4.0--it encompasses the smartphones in our pockets and tire pressure monitors in our cars. Learn how OTT-JAKOB is bringing the fourth industrial revolution to your spindle.

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Mechanical vs. Electronic Position Monitoring of Your Drawbar Shaft

Jun 26, 2018

Mechanical position monitoring options for your drawbar shaft involve more manual work from the operator and can involve inaccurate results, while electronic options are more accurate, easier to install, and more compact.

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Why Monitor the Drawbar Shaft Position in a Spindle?

Jun 25, 2018

Knowing your drawbar shaft position could prevent loss of precision, misclamping, and damage to the workpiece.

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How Can Leakage Flow Monitoring Extend the Service Life of My Drawbar?

Jun 12, 2018

Leakage flow monitoring of the primary seal in the rotary union prevents damage to electrical components and bearing in the motor spindle, extending the service life of the drawbar and spindle.

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How Does Monitoring Drawbar Clamping Force Prevent Machine Downtime?

Jun 05, 2018

A decline in drawbar clamping force produces micro-movements, vibrations, and other malfunctions in the machine that lead to poor machining results, rejects, and even machine breakdowns.

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What is an MSU Sensor System for Drawbar Monitoring?

May 29, 2018

An MSU sensor system electronically provides preemptive maintenance that detects drawbar disruptions during the machining process.

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How Drawbar Monitoring Saves You from Loss Productivity and Downtime

May 24, 2018

Drawbar monitoring is essential for optimal spindle performance--it detects potential sources of disruptions, increases machine availability, and prevents unscheduled downtime.

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