AMLOK® Pneumatic Series RLI Rod Clamp Power-Off Rod Lock (ISO 6431)

Pneumatic RLI ISO 6431 Rod Clamps

AMLOK RLi attached to ISO 6431 cylinder with CMF1 mounting flange and custom pressure check valve.

ISO 6431 Power-Off Rod Lock

  • Profiled to match ISO 6431 Cylinder

  • Fast Response time

  • Extremely low backlash

  • Power-off clamping

  • Double acting



AMLOK® Pneumatic Series RLI - ISO 6431 Rod Clamp

The RLI power-off pneumatic rod locks are particularly well suited for holding applications in industries such as automotive, mobile, food, machine tool and military test, among others.

Standard features include anodized aluminum construction, a heavy-duty clamp system and power-off clamping. The standard seal material is carboxylated nitrile.

The unit, which uses dry-filtered air, has a release pressure ranging from a minimum of 60 PSI to a maximum of 160 PSI. The operating temperature ranges from 10 degrees F to 180 degrees F. Maximum rod tolerance is +0.000 in./-0.002 in.

The lock mounts to ISO 6431 cylinders or can be stand-alone using MXO, SMS1, SA/CA, SMF1 and SMF2 mounting configurations.

Options Include
  • Stainless or electroless nickel-plated housing
  • Viton seals
  • Wiper scraper 
  • Sealed units for food and wash down operations

The AMLOK® RLI is the ISO 6431 variation of AME's fourth-generation power-off rod lock - the culmination of 14 years of manufacturing and marketing pneumatic and hydraulic rod locks.


Mounting Options

For more technical information and dimensions, please download the AMLOK RLI - ISO 6431 Series PDF Catalog.

Mounting Options
MXO / SN : No Mount
MXO / SN : No Mount
CMXO : Cylinder Mount
CMXO : Cylinder Mount
CMS1 : Cylinder Mount
CMS1 : Cylinder Mount
SMS1 : Stand Alone
SMS1 : Stand Alone
SMF1 : Stand Alone / CMF1 : Cylinder Mount
SMF1 : Stand Alone / CMF1 : Cylinder Mount
SA : Stand Alone / CA : Cylinder Mount
SA : Stand Alone / CA : Cylinder Mount


The NEW AMLOK® RLI - ISO 6431 Series Rod Lock design is sealed and suitable for food and washdown applications.  Other common applications include: 

  • Machine Tool Applications
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Presses
  • Scissor-lift Table
  • Test and Positioning Equipment
  • Amusement Ride Equipment
  • Printing and Paper Handling Equipment
  • Theatrical Equipment (Platforms)
  • Assembly and Test Equipment

Application Note







RCN Pneumatic
Rod Lock

Food Processing

Food Processing Company




RCH Hydraulic
Rod Lock

Commercial Seed & Material Blowing

Finn Corporation


Repair Service

AMLOKS, both pneumatic and hydraulic are rebuildable

AME offers an extensive repair service for AMLOK rod locks.
Please call for a return material authorization (RMA) number.

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AMLOK RLN Rod Locks Catalog

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Updated 02/2013

AMLOK RLI Metric Rod Locks Catalog

 AMLOK RLI-Series Metric Rod Locks 

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AMLOK RLN Rod Locks Specifications Sheet

 AMLOK RLN-Series Rod Locks 

PDF Specifications Sheet 690K




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