Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME) Amsaw Metalcut founded in 1968

The Pioneers in Carbide Sawing


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Circular Carbide Sawing Technology


Advanced Engineering, a small company founded by Willy Goellner, received a contract from Paramount Textile Machinery Co. to develop a Carbide Bar Cutoff Saw for Metalcut.


The Prototype was successfully tested. 


Advanced Engineering in Rockford IL, Heinemann Saw in Canton, Ohio, and The University of Braunschweig collaborated to, perfect the Braunschweig Tooth Geometry in order to obtain better tool life.

Chamberlain MFG. Corporation, a government subcontractor, began testing the machine independently and submitted an Engineering Report, Contract to the military commanding officer of the Frankford Arsenal.  The tests confirmed that the new carbide saw technology was superior to the previous cutting methods.

A second test was conducted by the same government contractor with the new standard model, MetalCut 12, built by Advanced Engineering.  This test once again highlighted the superiority of the new technology.  The result was a significant amount of purchase orders.


The METALCUT 12 became a shining star at the International Machine Tool Shows in Milan and Chicago resulting in another increase in orders for the MetalCut 12.  Advanced Engineering continued to produce Carbide Saw Machines on contract for MetalCut Inc.  


Metal Cut Inc. made an offer to purchase The Carbide Saw Division of Advanced Engineering.  Shortly after, the division was sold to MetalCut Inc.  


Centro Maskin, a Swedish Company from Goteborg recognized the lucrative future of this new technology.  Consequently, Centro Maskin purchased MetalCut Inc. and was renamed Centro Metalcut Inc. (CMI).  Willy Goellner, the pioneer of the technology, was asked to become Vice President of Research and Manufacturing for CMI.  He agreed under the conditions that, as long as his company remained competitive, they would become the prime contractor for machined components for CMI.  He split his time between Advanced Engineering and CMI and moved into CMI’s newly built facility.  During this time Mr. Goellner’s primary company Advanced Engineering was incorporated under the name it holds today, Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME).  


Rudy Allison, the Vice President of the Metalcut Division for CMI, left CMI in search for an independent opportunity and started CARBIDE CUTOFF Inc. (CCI) with intentions to compete against CMI. 


In order to dedicate his time to new product development for AME, Willy Goellner left CMI, but remained a prime contractor for them.  Fierce competition decimated CMI shortly after; as a result the company was sold to the Morgardshammer Company in Sweden. 


Frank Gyorkos Sr., the President of the new Centro Morgardshammer MetalCut Division, along with Don Blachford, the V.P. of manufacturing, started a new company, which they named GB Manufacturing Co. in an attempt to save the Metalcut division from collapse.  They asked Willy Goellner to become the President in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

GB MFG. operated very lean and forced the competitor, Carbide Cutoff, out of business.  Centro Morgardshammer noticed the profits of GB and took back the division of MetalCut saw manufacturing thus, GB MFG. was dissolved.


Due to the constant changeover the production saw customers of CMI and CCI were neglected in the areas of service and maintenance.  These customers encouraged Willy Goellner to organize a new company to support them.  Therefore, Willy Goellner’s SpeedCut Inc. was born to service the customer with maintenance, support, and new saw blades.


A patent was granted for a new Carbide Tooth Geometry, the "Notch Grind". (US Patent #  4,463,645)




AME developed a new pivot-type carbide saw, the AMSAW 200, in order to provide significant service in the US market.


Advanced Machine & Engineering developed a new low cost Carbide Pivot AMSAW with the ability to miter cut rails for the railroad industry. 


Advanced Machine & Engineering developed a new Carbide Pivot AMSAW with the ability to cut rails for the railroad industry.


A Carbide Production Saw was developed for high production sawing for bar stock up to 12”. Several saw systems are sold to reputable companies in the USA.



A small AMSAW Layer Saw up to 4.0” is developed for bar stock cut-off. 


The heavy duty AMSAW 600 was developed for the US division of a reputable German steel producer. Two High Production systems were sold in the USA and two in China.



A hot carbide saw was developed to cut hot forged axles.  Because of the high production volume, two saws are mounted on rails and can be moved in and out of the production line for maintenance and blade change.



AME purchased the METALCUT Div. of Centro Metalcut and together with SpeedCut Inc. built a complete comprehensive carbide saw business in North America.


A Joint Venture between AME and Harry Schenk, the former service manager of Gustav Wagner Maschinenfabrik, was established in Reutlingen, Germany to take advantage of the experience of former Wagner employees after the company went out of business.



AME developed a special AMSAW RAIL SAW which was mounted as a set of two on a rail car with the ability to be moved to locations in need of rail repair.  Because of the cold sawing effect of carbide sawing, these models replaced existing abrasive saws that were known to cause forest fires, because of their hot melting chips.


The AMSAW 350, a new heavy duty Carbide Pivot Saw, was developed for high production cutting and a similar model was developed for alloy saw rails.


Advanced Machine and Engineering