TRIAG Modular Workholding System

TRIAG Modular Workholding

TRIAG products by AME

Allows very high part density in a limited working area

  • Wide variety of clamping widths & options

  • Fast and simple quick-change set-up

  • Clamping forces up to 15,555 lbs



Breakthrough Clamping Designs

TRIAG workholding systems combine the characteristics and performance of a dedicated fixture in a modular platform. Triag's systems hold from large-size to very small parts in high densities while allowing easy part change for fast retooling.

Breakthrough clamping designs minimize interference, so machine spindles have full access to workpieces, even in high-density applications. Access is even better for five-axis machines using Triag's 5axesCLAMP.

Triag pioneered lightweight epoxy mineral tombstones that have characteristics similar to cast iron but are as light as aluminum. The tombstones are also compact, rigid and economical - the perfect foundation for holding extremely tight tolerances.


For many tasks the conventional vise is still the favorite choice. The Triag modular workholding system uses the traditional method of clamping, similar to a vise, but in modular, multiple form. The modular design offers a wide variety of possibilities when retooling for the next production batch. It can be used simply as a vice, or as a complex systems for clamping small parts in high density. Clamping widths range from 19 to 125 mm.



Mechanical Multiple Workholding

Triag's unique workholding method employs modules attached to rails. This rail-based system allows both very high part density in a limited working area, and fast, simple set-up.

These base rails also come standard in 2" spacing for "1/2" or "5/8" locating and mounting through holes, to fit our precision grids.

Four rail-based multiple workholding systems are standard products:  aptoClamp, powerClamp, 5axesClamp and compactClamp. They use differing methods of positioning the components. Common to all systems is the precisely positioned rear surface of the vise module which serves as datum face for the next workpiece. The front side of the vise module accommodates the actual clamping jaw. Vise modules are available in various widths, the smallest being 19mm, and the largest being 150 mm.


Special vise modules are available for both workholding systems. Most vise modules are equipped with pull-down jaws. For some applications vise modules with a linear parallel moving jaw are available, acting much like a conventional machine vise.

A vast range of accessories for all four systems are available.


Rotary Indexer


The TRIAG modular clamping systems can be used with any rotary indexer, as shown here.



TRIAG Workholding Solutions Overview 
44 pages - 19MB 
(updated 8/2013)

TRIAG Workholding Solutions Complete Catalog 
284 pages - 73MB 
(updated 10/2013)

Catalog by Section
Section 01 - TRIAG Catalog Introduction and Section Index - 7MB  (New 10/2013)
Section 02 - TRIAG aptoClamp & 5axis aptoClamp - 8.6MB  (updated 10/2013)
Section 03 - TRIAG powerClamp & 5axis powerClamp - 50MB  (updated 10/2013)
Section 04 - TRIAG microClamp - 14.2MB (updated 10/2013) 
Section 05 - TRIAG mivaClamp - 4.8MB (updated 10/2013)
Section 06 - TRIAG oppSystem - 3.2MB  (updated 10/2013)
Section 07 - TRIAG tripoxyMineral - 5.6MB (updated 10/2013)
Section 08 - TRIAG triGel - 1.0MB (updated 10/2013)
Section 09 - TRIAG Part Number Line Index - 2.2MB (updated 10/2012)
Section 10 - TRIAG compactClamp - 6.9MB (updated 09/2008)




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