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Machine desgined & build by AME

Special Solutions to Your Needs

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Research and development

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Your special solution

AME provides complete design-build services to go along with our machine rebuild services.

We can design and build special machines, workholding systems, sawing systems and more – all exactly fitting to your needs.

Research and development

AME can also assist you with research and development capabilities and brings a talented engineering team, extensive manufacturing capabilities, and over 40 years of contract manufacturing experience to design and build a wide variety of machines and machine subsystems.

Turnkey and cost effective

Anything we manufacture we can assemble, from smaller subcomponents to complete, turnkey systems. We provide complete performance testing, developing and conducting test programs that verify the performance of the component or system we build for you.

Just give us a call to learn more. 


Needle Sharpener by AME


Paper Converter

Paper Converter designed & build by AME

Technical data:

Tailstock manually adjustable in x-axis from 50" - 180".

  • Swivel plate manually adjustable 6° with (7) fixed angular positions using a hardened and ground shot pin in hardened and ground bushings. Fixed positions at: 0°, ±2.5473°, ±2.8022° and ±5.0997 

Precision 15HP Servo drive either by a worm or preloaded hardened gear mechanism whichever will guarantee best accurate service life. Maximum speed 3 RPM.

  • A 5: diameter hole, 24" deep in the headstock and a 5" dia. hole through the tailstock. 
  • Tailstock manually adjusted vertically by .30" Fine adjustment to .0003" using dial indicators. 

Face plates in head and tailstock have provisions to either mount customer 3 Jaw Chucks or knife bar fixture supports.

  • Maximum weight of above fixture not to exceed 15 tons. 

Positioning Accuracy:

  • Swivel Plate ±10 arc sec. 
  • Headstock: ±10 arc sec. (for rolls only). 

Higher accuracy can be achieved but will be more expensive.

  • Repeatability: ±2 sec. 

Maximum weight of knife bar fixture including parts:

  • 12,000 lbs on max off center of 24". 
  • Hydraulic Pressure at approx. 1000 PSI and the electric power supply will come from your machine. 

Fourth & Fifth Axis Heads

Multiple Axis Heads designed & build by AME

With AME you get advanced problem-solving expertise, and the proof is in our highly specialized systems. For example, AME is one of the few design-build companies in the world to offer custom milling heads for machining at odd angles in hard-to-reach locations. These built-to-order spindle attachments, an AME specialty, are precision engineered to fit your machine, expanding its original functionality while solving a specific problem. Numerous types of milling heads are available: straight, right-angle, swivel, gimbal and nutator.

Milling Machine Rebuild

Milling Machine designed & build by AME - drawing

This customer had two very large 5-axis milling machines of the same design which needed upgrades:

  • Backlash reduction B & C -axis gear train 
  • Improve machine performance (spindle drive) 
  • Spindle re-design to allow for power drawbar 


The rebuild of these two machines proceeded in the following phases:
 1. Disassembly and inspection of machine #1

  • Inspection and measuring of components; status report 
  • Reassembly - machine back in production 

2. Reverse engineering

  • Re-calculation and design 
  • Creating manufacturing drawings 
  • Manufacturing parts for both machines; second gear set unground 
  • Inspection certification 
  • Purchasing parts for both machines 
  • Documentation and manual update 

3. Rebuild of machine #1

  • Disassembly and reassembly with new parts 
  • Final testing - machine back in production 

4. Rebuild of machine #2

  • Disassembly and inspection of components; status report 
  • Finish grinding of second gear set 
  • Reassembly with new parts - machine back in production 
  • Documentation and manual update 


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Sales Engineer


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