New Faces of AME: Thomas Bodocean, AME Technical Intern

new employee at Advanced Machine & Engineering - Thomas Bodocean from AustriaThomas Bodocean is one of the many international interns that has worked at Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME). He is from Weyer, Austria, and started his internship in November of 2017.

Thomas wears many hats at AME. He helps out in the marketing department with data analytics and web development. He also focuses on AME’s carbide sawing department, AMSAW. “I’m the guy who gives the machine life and programs the movements.” Aside from programming machines and crunching web data, Thomas is helping the marketing team learn German and Spanish one phrase at a time on the marketing whiteboard.

Before coming to AME, Thomas enjoyed hitting top speeds on the German Autobahn, cannonballing off cliffs in Spain, flying helicopters, and sightseeing along Italy’s seasides. He also enjoys wakeboarding, creating things, problem solving, and traveling around the U.S. learning about its many cultures.

Thomas brings a lot of knowledge and experience to AME, and his sense of humor brings a lot of laughter to the office culture.

“My life summed up is eating fries and trying to look good while doing so.”

We’re very excited having him on board!

Thomas Bodocean, new intern at AMEThomas Bodocean, new intern at Advanced Machine & Engineering

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