4 Reasons Manufacturing Growth Expands in the Southeast

Manufacturing Growth by Advanced Machine & EngineeringAccording to Woody Hydrick, contributing writer for Trade and Industry Development, the Southeast will be the predominant headquarters for metalworking over the next 10 to 15 years for a number of reasons:

1. Friendly Business Climate

Due to the friendly business climate and lack of organized labor, more and more business are finding their way to the Southeastern parts of the United States, causing a ripple effect of explosive growth.

2. Implementation of New Infrastructure

In answer to the explosive growth, construction of roads, bridges, power plants, utility lines, buildings, and more is being completed. Wherever new infrastructure is implemented, metalworking and machining follow.

3. Automotive Manufacturing Powerhouse

Nearly every major automotive brand now has a plant in the Southeast, including:

This network of brands has turned the region into an automotive manufacturing powerhouse known as “Automotive Alley”, with over 300,000+ employees, 14 OEMs, and 1,120 manufacturers and suppliers as reported by Industrial Equipment News.

4. Strong Network of Technical Colleges

The strong network of technical colleges in the region offer degrees in a variety of advanced manufacturing technologies critical for metalworking. Some of the colleges are working with companies to offer training for CNC machining and other technologies. Efforts are also underway to develop an education system that focuses on STEM education starting at pre-school ages.

For more information on the machining and metal cutting solutions Advanced Machine & Engineering offers in the Southeast, contact us at marketing@ame.com.


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