Participating in National Manufacturing Day Strengthens the Workforce of Tomorrow

By: Meaghan Ziemba, Content Marketing Manager, AME

Kaleb Mertz discusses his experience at Go Baby Go, which manufactured toy cards for kids with disabilities.Marketing Director, Nick Goellner, and Marketing Technology Manager, Kaleb Mertz, from Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME), and myself visited Auburn High School in Rockford, Illinois to speak with students on National Manufacturing Day to help strengthen the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow.

Goellner and Mertz spoke with Juniors and Seniors about career opportunities available at AME.

The students watched videos from Kuka, Festo, and Titans of CNC: Academy to get a better understanding of the wondrous possibilities created by the combination of advanced engineering and advanced manufacturing.

We were amazed to see how excited the students were about pursuing an education in manufacturing. Many of the students requested more information about our available apprenticeship program as they looked forward to touring the facility.

One student asked “Will we have the opportunity to get hand-on experience in your show?” It was encouraging to see that the students were so willing and eager to dig right in. The day made us aware of the importance for local manufacturers to participate in National Manufacturing Day to help strengthen the workforce of tomorrow.

Here are some top reasons why local manufacturers should participate in National Manufacturing Day:

Showcase Your Company, Products, and Services

Manufacturing Day allows industrial manufacturers to showcase their company by providing hands-on experience to students with their products and services.

Students get an up-close view on how products are made and distributed in America. They have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the engineers who are responsible for designing and creating the products.

Manufacturing Day provides companies an opportunity to showcase their work culture and the environment students would work in if they decided to pursue a career at their facility.

Educate Students, Community Members, Media, and Policy MakersNick Goellner ask Auburn students what inspires them and the types of problems they like to solve.

Students, community members, media, and policy makers have a chance to come together on National Manufacturing Day and learn how integral manufacturing is to the local, national, and global economy.

Advanced manufacturing in the United States drives more innovation than any other sector, performing more than 75% of all private sector research and development.

Inspire the Workforce of Tomorrow

Students will not be inspired by manufacturing if they are not given an opportunity to witness the difference it makes in people’s everyday lives.

Manufacturing Day expands knowledge and improves the public’s perception about the industry by opening the doors of local businesses in a coordinated effort.

The stories that are shared during this national event tap into the emotions of what students are looking for as they start to prepare for what they want to do after high school. It’s the personal experiences of today’s engineers that will truly inspire the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow.

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