Pursuit of Excellence | Always Strive to Provide the Best for Your Customers

By: Meaghan Ziemba, Marketing Communications, MakingChips

Core Values - Excellence

Industrial manufacturers need to be industry thought leaders, experts, and influencers to continually grow and be successful. They also need to ensure that their employees, partners, and suppliers are aligned with what their customers really want.

At Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME) we know we will never be perfect, but that does not stop us from striving towards it. We know greatness comes from being purged, purified, and refined, and we encourage everyone in our organization to pursue excellence so that we can all be our best together to help our customers succeed.

Never Benchmark to Mediocrity

Manufacturers that are customer focused never benchmark to mediocrity. Benchmarks reflect averages, but achieving average standards or results is not a measure of excellence.

“Here at AME we always give it our all in everything that we say, in everything that we do, and what we’ve become,” states Dietmar Goellner, CEO and Industrial Entrepreneur. “All of our energy goes into the marketplace, making sure we are providing the best possible solutions for our customers and tying in all of our core values so we can continue to strive for excellence.”

The Aspects of Excellence

For companies to achieve excellence they need to attain a level of superior skills, which involves:


  • Acquiring a large knowledge base in their areas of expertise.

  • Being fully committed and continually improving their skill sets and capabilities.

  • Deliberately practicing your niche or providing opportunities for continual learning for all employees of the organization.


“If we weren’t customer focused and continually striving to pursue excellence, then we would fail at serving our customers,” says Mishelle Rubeck, Customer Service at AME. “Without the pursuit of excellence as one of our core values, we wouldn’t be competitive and setting the industry standard for our top brands.”


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