Goellner Inc. Continues to Provide Food to Those Struggling During the Pandemic

As the world unites in mobilizing resources, time, and manpower to combat the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, which
delivered a devastating blow to public safety, healthcare, and economy on a global scale, many businesses, big and small, are stepping up in the effort to help cope with the disease.

Goellner Inc. Continues to Provide Food to Those Struggling During the Pandemic

Volunteers preparing to serve lunch on April 3rd at the Carpenter’s Place

Some organizations, particularly manufacturing companies, are retooling their operations, utilizing production floor space, engineering and skilled workforce to make components for much needed medical equipment. While others give in many other ways by donating money, food, essentials or time to charities, caring for those in need. When the COVID-19 crisis hit the Stateline, it brought a profound economic disruption, the aftermath of which is still yet to be seen. As most of us are facing really tough questions about the world we used to know and there is much uncertainty about the months ahead, there is still a large number of people in the Stateline who may not have dinner or a bed to sleep in tonight. Many more people found themselves without a job and any sufficient savings to tide them over weeks or even months of income losses, allowing them to pay bills, remain in their homes, or buy food.  These people are particularly vulnerable now and relying on a helpful and reliable resource such as the Carpenter’s Place in Rockford, IL is more important for them than ever.

Goellner Inc. Continues to Provide Food to Those Struggling During the Pandemic

Carpenter’s Place building, Rockford, IL

Both Goellner Inc companies, Advanced Machine and Engineering (AME), and Hennig, Inc are stepping up to play a part in the pandemic response and the Carpenter’s Place is among numerous charities that Goellner Inc. has been proudly supporting for many years.  This nonprofit organization provides a safe environment, care, and support to homeless adults and anyone who needs help.  It has become a tradition for Advanced Machine & Engineering and Hennig Inc. to purchase and serve lunch at the Carpenter’s Place on the first Friday of every month. AME and Hennig's employees take their lunch break once a month to volunteer in serving food for those in need.

 Goellner Inc. Continues to Provide Food to Those Struggling During the Pandemic

Hennig and AME employees serving lunch on March 6, 2020

During this time, the Carpenter’s Place is working relentlessly to ease coronavirus hardship for these people and continues on a mission to provide food and day shelter for those who need them the most.  On Friday, April 3rd  the lunch, provided by AME and Pinnon’s, was served as usual (with the additional safety measures), and the expressions of gratitude from people were overwhelming. Next month’s lunch was also provided as scheduled, and served on Friday, May 1st.


It is through these efforts that Goellner Inc. companies are helping the local community to remain focused on staying healthy while confronting the outbreak, and safely weather this crisis. 

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