ZDF-U 25.000 JAKOB Clamping Elements for Workholding & Fixtures

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Hydromechanical Spring Clamping System

Model: ZDF-U 25.000

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Product Details

L 180
g 12.0
h 150
m 80
n 15.0
Ø D 180
Ø a 230
Ø b 50
Ø c 205
Ø e 12.5
Nominal Clamping Force (kN) 250
mass approx (kg) 34.0
adjusting pressure (bar) 200
Max. Release Stroke (mm) 1.5
release pressure at 0.5 stroke (bar) 230
release pressure at 1.0 stroke (bar) 260
release pressure at max stroke (bar) 300
stroke volume at 1 stroke (cm3) 13.0

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