Hydraulic Sleeves

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Hydraulic Sleeve

Model: ESKL 4.50 X 6.25

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Product Details

C 0.25
Dh5 (in) 6.250
dH6 (in) 4.500
D2 (in) 3/16
L1 (in) 3.00
L2-min. 2.04
R (in) 2.688
R max. (in) 0.50
Ek-min. 8.19
Ft-Lbs. (lb) 12,500
Tt-Ft-Lbs. (lb) 2,335
Hub Bore H6 -.0010 -.0000
Parker "O" Ring #2-Xxx-M 258
Parker "O" Ring #N552-9-F 249
Shift Dia. G5 -.0006 -.0013

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