What are the benefits of laser welding?

5 Core Benefits:

  1. Extreme Precision: Laser welding offers the main benefit of being capable of producing a high level of accuracy and control. Due to the fact that laser technology is so precise, it allows very fine weldments of even the smallest parts without causing damage to the material or product.

  2. Low Heat Dissipation: The distortion of components is minimized drastically because laser welding technology uses very low heat applications. The necessary energy the laser needs to melt the metal is within 1/1000 [sec]. Since the melting process is so fast, the average power needed is between 60-200 [W] which is very low. The benefit of a low heating application also applies to the room where the material is being welded because it will not need to be climate controlled because of heat fluctuations constantly. This in turn saves the company recurring costs on their heating and electrical bills.  

  3. Increased Capability: Laser welding has the ability to weld very difficult to reach areas that would not normally be possible when using traditional forms of welding. There are no issues with angles because the laser beam will always be concentrated in a straight line. If the protective gas can reach the work area and you can see the part through the microscope, you can weld it! Many laser welding machines are also portable and allow you to weld while on the road or directly within your company. 

  4. Consistency: Companies and manufacturers choose laser welding technology because it consistently produces quality results. Laser welding is a much faster and versatile technique compared to the more traditional methods. 

  5. Material Compatibility: Since laser welding does not use an electrode the metal structure will not have any extra impurities that are being infused with the material. This allows certain materials to be welded together or built up using a specific type of wire when it is usually impossible to do so.

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