How do I assemble a Spieth Adjustable Locknut?


Steps to assemble a spieth adjustable precision locknut:

  1. After cleaning, screw the Spieth Precision Locknut onto the spindle thread. Stop before you make contact with the end-face.
  2. Tighten the clamping screws in a diagonal sequence until you feel increased friction. The locknut is now in the pre-load condition
  3. Now you can bring the locknut against the face.
  4. Preload the locknut to the desired torque. The amount depends on the bearing manufacturer. Bring the torque slightly above the desired value in order to strech the threads to the needed position.
  5. Once again, remove the locknut from the face. Bring it back to the contact face leaving it in the preload condition.
  6. Tighten it again using a radial wrench or face spanner wrench. Holes are provided in the locknut for either tool.
  7. Once your torque is set gradually tighten the four socket head cap screws to the given Newton-meter per screw, alternating diagonally across the locknut.
  8. Now the locknut is secured on the bearing shaft and will not back off during operation. This locknut is now set to this particular spindle and should not be installed on another spindle shaft.

AME is a licensed manufacturer of Spieth precision locknuts.

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