AME Goes Green with Solar

Rockford, Illinois, USA -- [10/25/2017] -- Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. (AME), a global manufacturer and distributor of precision machine tool components and metal cutting solutions, has gone green with its recent installment of 704 KW solar array on the roof of its manufacturing facility -- making it the largest commercial installation in Rockford history and surrounding area.

Talks about incorporating solar began in March of 2016, but a joint venture with Thodacon (China), put the project on hold. A year later, the project resurfaced and the decision was made by the AME board to move forward with the installation process. They had their first meeting with Iconic Energy (Rockford, Ill.), on February 10, 2017, signed a contract with them on March 30, 2017, and the installation of the panels began in May of 2017.

With the solar installation, AME qualifies for both the Illinois Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SRECs). Collectively, these incentives cover  70 to 80 percent of a system's cost, making the green movement easier to achieve than ever before. [,]

“Businesses that invest in solar aren’t just investing in a cleaner future for future generations,” explains Teague Dickey, CEO of Iconic Energy. “They’re also investing in themselves by becoming more sustainable and independent. The energy savings that are involved, allow businesses to operate longer, stronger, and healthier, which in turn leads to more business opportunities.”

By going green, AME is not only reducing its own carbon footprint and that of the surrounding community, but it’s also helping to transform Rockford by encouraging other local businesses to join the clean energy movement.

“We all have a social responsibility to protect our environment, and clean energies like solar and wind power are a step in the right direction,” says Dietmar Goellner, AME President & CEO.

 Advanced Machine and Engineering Solar Panels from above - Rockford IL

Advanced Machine & Engineering Solar Panels on Roof - Rockford IL

About Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.™

Advanced Machine & Engineering® (AME) was founded in 1966 out of Rockford, Illinois (USA) by Willy Goellner. Originally known as Advanced Engineering Co., AME has developed into a global leader in machine tool components and metal cutting machines for over 50 years. With strong core values supporting American manufacturing education, AME’s robust apprenticeship and community outreach programs ensure a secure, innovative environment that supports not only AME facilities, but also aides in the development of the American manufacturing movement as well.

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