RLI-080025CMS1 RLI Pneumatic Rod Lock for ISO 15552 (6431) Cylinders / Actuators

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RLI Pneumatic - ISO 6431

Model: RLI-080025CMS1

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Product Details

Rod Dia. (mm) 25
Bore Dia. (mm) 80
Axial Holding Force 944 lbf (4.2 kN)
B (mm) 45.00
E (mm) 96.0
L (mm) 110
P [BSP] G1/8
S (mm) 72
AB (mm) 12
AH (mm) 63
AL (mm) 41
AO (mm) 14
AT (mm) n/a
BB (mm) 15.2
C (mm) 35.00
CC (mm) 38
DD (mm) M10
FB (mm) M10 CLR
K (mm) n/a
R (mm) 72.0
SA (mm) n/a
RF (mm) n/a
TF (mm) n/a
UF (mm) n/a
V (mm) 16.0
Y (mm) 6
Weight (lbs) 6.6
Mounting Type MS1
Shipping Type Ships as Kit
Connecting Type C
Product Datasheet AMLOK_RLN_Series_Pneumatic_Rod_Lock_C...

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