Modular Workholding & Fixturing Components (AMROK)

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AMROK Fixturing Components

Stress-Free Clamping

When combined with Amrok tombstones or grid bases (or any other traditional workholding system), Amrokʼs modular workholding components optimize setup time and allow for precision, stress-free clamping and locating of workpieces.

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Formerly known as AMFLEX

  • Self Aligning Fixturing Elements (S.A.F.E.)
  • Vertical Clamping
  • Horizontal Clamping
  • Round Clamping
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

AMROK Fixturing Components

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  • Self Aligning Fixture Elements (S.A.F.E.)

  • Centering Dovetail & Fixed Vises

  • Clamping Bars & Bases

  • Clamp Assemblies

  • V Blocks & Chain/Cable Clamping

  • Spring Supports

  • Locators, Spacers, Risers

  • Accessories for Fixturing & Workholding

AMROK Fixturing Components

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