OTT-JAKOB Tool Clamping Systems

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OTT - JAKOB Tool Clamping System


Complete tool clamping

jakob-drawbarsFor over 30 years, Advanced Machine & Engineering has been the exclusive North American partner of OTT-Jakob, the leading manufacturer of automatic tool clamping systems.

Gripper with holder, clamping unit, rotary union and unclamp unit are produced from OT T-Jakob and are optimized to each other.

OTT-JAKOB power drawbars offer high clamping forces. The intensifier amplifies the spring force and locks the system.

The universal inside spindle contour offers the use of different tool standards or the same size in the same spindle with an easy change of the gripper with holder.

Use with: DIN 61871 / 69872, ANSI B5.50, ISO 7388/1/2 Typ A, ISO 7388/1/2 Typ B, MAS 403-1982 BT/PT 2 (30 °), MAS 403 1982 BT/PT 1 (45 °)

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OTT - JAKOB Tool Clamping System

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