Modular Workholding & Fixturing Components (TRIAG)

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TRIAG Modular Workholding


Benefit from maximum modularity with the quick-change Triag system that adapts to a standard 2.000” grid. Featuring a patented one of-a-kind interface that combines a consistent base rail foundation with an endless supply of modular components for nearly any job. AME is proud to be the exclusive provider of Triag products in North America.


Achieve maximum clamping force in a modular quick change system with the heavy-duty aptoCLAMP. Stable, sturdy construction with positioning by ground teeth serrations every 2mm ensures precision clamping with forces up to 15,555 lbs. Inch or metric spacing.

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A modular clamping system in which a rail serves as basis for more than 180 different clamping modules, centric clamps, blanks modules, vacuum modules and magnet modules. It is a mechanical zero point clamping system as well as a vice. Inch or metric spacing

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triCENTRO (Self-Centering Vise)

Triag offers a wide range of flexible, self centring vises with compact construction that protects against contamination. In addition to the self centring vises that fit onto the rail systems for powerCLAMP, aptoCLAMP, or the zero point system OPPsystem, mechanical self centering vises are also available.

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MicroCLAMP modules are well suited for fixture construction, which include a pull down jaw on the front. The rear side is ground accurately to the size of the fastening bores, allowing the stop surface to be used for the subsequent workpiece and allows for an extremely high clamping density.

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Gently secure flat or non magnetic parts with the trivaCLAMP vacuum system. Vacuum clamping is suited for gentle and even clamping of bulky workpieces, plates, U-shaped or angle sections and thin-walled workpieces. Pressure marks and deformations that come with mechanical clamping can also be avoided in this way

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Zero-point clamping for quick and exact positioning that mimimizes idle machine time. A pallet carrier mounted on the machine table and at least two pallets or workpiece carriers equipped with centring and clamping bushes make it possible to quickly (within seconds) exchange the pallets. Exchange pallets manually or automatically

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This unusual method of workholding is suitable for irregular, fragile parts that are very difficult to grasp. TriGEL achieves clamping without part distortion by freezing the workpiece to the machine table, while a heating pump thaws the workpiece for quick removal.

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Customize the Triag system with a wide range of add-ons and accessories for powerCLAMP, aptoCLAMP, and microCLAMP

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TRIAG Modular Workholding

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