Triag tripoxyMINERAL

Epoxy Mineral Tombstones

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Machine-preserving Epoxy Mineral Tombstones

Triag tripoxyMINERAL tombstones are light, and therefore machine-preserving, mineral epoxy tombstones that can be used as an alternative to heavy cast iron or steel tombstones. Due to increasingly quick horizontal machining centers, weight reduction of the load is an important factor.

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Triag tripoxyMINERAL
Triag tripoxyMINERAL

The tripoxyMINERAL epoxy tombstones can be manufactured in almost any shape.

Triag tripoxyMINERAL

The mineral cast tombstones have a lower specific weight than aluminum.

Triag tripoxyMINERAL

Vibration damping helps to achieve excellent surfaces on your workpieces.

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