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Advanced Machine & Engineering Careers

Advanced Machine & Engineering is a family manufacturing company. Not because it’s a manufacturing company owned by a family, but because every individual that shows up to make this place great, is part of the family culture that makes us “advanced”.

The workforce at AME is advanced

Many of our executive leaders started their careers in the shop. As their knowledge of the industry grew, so did their opportunity to influence the growth of our company.

The apprenticeship program at AME is advanced

We understand that true craftsman are not made in the classroom. They learn by doing. They learn by making. They learn by building. And for that reason, we build our own workforce and train them ourselves. AME Apprentices work side-by-side with industry veterans to learn practical machining skills in our factory. Apprentices also attend weekly classes outside the shop to learn the latest in manufacturing technology.

The careers at AME are advanced

Become a part of a uniquely diverse manufacturing company with a customer focus and a culture of continuous learning. Advanced engineers design solutions for industry. Advanced machinists craft world class precision products. Advanced leaders build the future of American manufacturing.

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