Precision Spindle Shafts for Manual & Automatic Drawbars

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Precision Spindle Shafts


  • Manufacturing, repair, engineering, and reverse engineering
  • Custom shafts for manual and automatic drawbars and tool clamping systems
  • Certified and documented using in-house inspection equipment
  • Spindle taper manufacturing and repair verified with Stotz Air Gaging equipment
  • Meets the following tool standards:
    • OTT-JAKOB inner contour
    • HSK
    • Steep Taper
    • KM
    • Big Plus
    • Capto

Precision Spindle Shafts

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Spindle Interface / OTT-JAKOB Direct Contacts: For spare parts & repair please call Scott: 815-316-5267
For new design applications please call Harold: 815-316-5231

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