Solve for Why

Knowing your why is a secret weapon. Not only do you understand what motivates you and gets you up in the morning, you also understand your customers and what they need to succeed. At AME, we know there are missing pieces and unknowns in every project. We're here to help our customers in the machine tool industry balance the equation. Expect brilliant engineering and part-making, delivered honestly and on point.


God Honoring

Our purpose goes beyond profit. The things we make point to our maker.

Compassionate & Giving

We care for our community. Giving back is a blessing.

Mutual Respect

Respect goes both ways. With our customers. With our colleagues. With our partners.

Continuous Learning

Our current state is our worst state. We develop problem solvers.

Unyielding Integrity

We do the right thing, even when it's easier to look the other way.

Servant Leadership

As leaders, we invest ourselves in the next generation of our company.

Pursuit of Excellence

In lieu of perfection, we pursure excellence in all we do.

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