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AMROK® Tombstones and Fixture Plates are meticulously designed to meet the industry's most stringent tolerances for flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, surface finish, and hole location. Every Tombstone and grid plate undergoes a rigorous inspection process using AME's in-house Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).


AMROK® precision-manufactured tombstones, tooling columns, and fixture plates meet the highest standards of precision and quality. Our products feature precision tolerances to ensure optimal performance.

With co-axially positioned bushings, our inserts enable precise positioning and clamping in every hole. They offer excellent wear resistance and are easily replaceable, thanks to hardened precision bushings.

We also provide replacement bushings and insert kits, along with an extraction tool, to facilitate any necessary replacements.

Flatness (tombstones & plates) .0005 / 12x12
Parallelism (plates) .0005 / 12  Max .002 total
Perpendicularity .0008 / 12  Min .001, Max .002/48
Surface Finish 63 RMS
Face Thickness ≤18” = ±.001, >18” = ±.002
Tapped Holes (non accumulative) ±.005
Precision Bushing I.D. -0 / +.0006
Precision Bushing Concentricity 0.0001
Bored or Precision Bushing Hole to Adjacent Hole ±.0005
First Row Bushing Hole Location from Datums ±.001, ±.002 (Epoxy Mineral tombstones)
Bored or Precision Bushing Hole Spacing (non accumulative) 0-10 ±.0005, 10-20 ±.0008, 20-30 ±.0010, 30-40 ±.0012
(for aluminum, add 50% to these tolerances)

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