Cross Tombstones for Minimum Tool Clearance

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Cross Column

Cross Column Drawing


  • Plain face - Precision machined faces without holes.
  • Standard Grid - 1/2" or 5/8" Holes in a 2.000" spread grid starting 3" from bottom of base plate. Each hole includes a precision bushing for locating and a threaded insert*.
  • Custom - Designed specifically for your application. Some options include T-slots, custom hole sizes, custom patterns. Contact us for more info.


  • Standard Grid - 1/2" Holes in a 2.000" spread grid starting 3.5" from bottom of base plate. Each 1/2" tapped hole includes a precision bushing for locating.
  • Metric - For metric versions see our Triag tripoxyMineral catalog
  • Material Properties – Comparable to aluminum. This lightweight material is very efficient in vibration damping, showing results better than aluminum.


  • In stock tombstones are available in a 1-4 week lead time.


  • Looking for a complete fixturing solution? AMROK has over 30 years of experience in the complete design and build of custom / dedicated fixtures.
  • View our custom fixture details

View tolerances and machining options

View tombstone accessories and fixturing components

Tombstones are also known as: Tooling Columns, Fixture Columns, Pallet Fixtures, CNC Tombstones.

*For cast iron tombstones, when machined faces are further than 8” from the edge of the base plate, the bottom row of holes will include threaded inserts only.

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