Dyna-Force® Workholding Clamps

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Dyna-Force Clamps

The Power Behind Dyna-Force®

Mitee-Bite Dyna-Force® Clamps 

The majority of the Dyna-Force® clamp is below the surface of the fixture which provides excellent clamp support and makes for a very low profile solution. The clamp jaw slides on an angle for positive downforce.

The clamp jaw is available with serrated or smooth faces.

The support surface of the Dyna-Force® clamp can be installed flush with the fixure plate, tombstone, or trunnion table or raised to hold the workpiece off the fixture, enabling drill-through.

†Smooth jaw only will have relief cut
*Body diameter
**Includes screw and retaining ring


Mitee-Bite DynaForce Clamp Drawing

The Power Behind Dyna-Force®

Incredible Clamping and Hold Down Power

Low Profile, Compact Design

17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Smooth or Serrated

Stainless steel screws and retaining rings are available for EDM applications


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