Fixed and Movable Vises

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Fixed and Movable Vises

We believe in a simplified, modular approach, and understand that this is what keeps shops productive—which is why we created fixed and movable vises that work with a standard 2” grid.


How it’s done:

  1. Choose between a smooth or serrated jaw face and install the vise on your fixture with precision locating screws.

  2. Place the part to be machined, and clamp it with a movable vise equipped with the proper jaw face.

  3. Start machining!

Find out if AMROK’s fixed and movable vises work for your application here. Stop searching, start machining.

  • Black oxide finish
  • Ten precision bushing holes (.5007/.5013 or .6257/.6263) allow for 1” movements of vise
  • 5/16” minimum plate thickness for face milling applications, when using taller plate
  • Designed for vxvxuse with fixed vises
  • Two precision dowel screws are used to locate vise on standard workholding grids
    • 1/2” system locating screw: AMF-87994
    • 5/8” system locating screw: AMF-87883

Fixed and Movable Vises

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    Movable Vises

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    Fixed Vises

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    Split Vise Accessories

Fixed and Movable Vises