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Monitoring the unclamping unit piston is of great importance to process reliability and machine availability. The piston position monitoring KAS from OTT-JAKOB is a product which continuously monitors the position of the unclamped piston. KAS ensures that the release piston does not come into contact with rotating machine elements during the machining process.

The system is based on a sensor built into the unclamping unit which automatically detects the position of the release piston. As soon as the piston reaches a safe final position, a digital signal is sent to the machine control system. This signal ensures that the piston is in ‘Tool clamped’ mode, which allows the spindle to be released without delay.

Thanks to the space-saving integration of the system components into the unclamping unit, KAS can be connected without increasing the size. No external sensor is necessary. Due to its special design features, KAS also allows the user to monitor the pistons of stationary flange-mounted unclamping units and can be used to implement an energy-saving, modern hydraulic system.

Piston Position Monitoring