Maintenance & Inspection Kit

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Maintenance/inspection kit for OTT-JAKOB drawbars & grippers

AME offers a maintenance/inspection kit for your OTT-JAKOB drawbars and grippers (HSK, SK, or custom pieces). We can assemble a complete kit, or put together a cutom kit based on your application.



OTT-JAKOB SK assembly kit

Image shown is for HKS 63 spindle/drawbar - but can be customized for any OTT-JAKOB SK (steep taper) or HSK (hollow shank) drawbar & gripper.


1 Hard Pelican-style carrying case w/ foam insert
2 OTT-JAKOB Power-Check 2 gage
3 OTT-JAKOB HSK Adapter for Power-Check 2 system
4 HSK test arbor (mandrill)
5 Torque wrench
6 M5 allen head socket
7 M5 T-handle allen wrench
8 HSK spindle taper wiper
9 4g Metaflux paste (10 packets)
10 Digital depth gage
11 Dial test indicator
12 Indicator base
13 Power-Check 2 manual & software disc
14 HSK tool taper wiper
15 24mm wrench
16 Powercheck charging cable



Use the form below (or call 815-316-5267) to request more information on a kit that's best suited for you.

Maintenance and Inspection Kit