Building a Custom Hydraulic Fixturing Solution

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An aerospace supplier was in need of a large and complex hydraulic fixturing solution. With a model already created in CAD, they were seeking a build partner who could assemble and test it for them.


THE NEEDHydraulic fixturing

This client reached out to Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME) with a custom build need. Their issue involved manufacturing two parts, one right-oriented and one left, which required a single custom fixturing system to machine on. Lacking machine capacity and assembly personnel to build this turkey solution, they contacted the AME team to manufacture it.



AME provides clients with design and build workholding solutions including hydraulic fixtures, pneumatic quick-change, manual clamping, robotic integration and more, through their AMROK division. With their extensive assembly expertise, they were happy to build to the customer’s specifications.

This client provided a solid model and some assembly instructions for the project, but needed manufacturing experts to test their concept as well. AME responded by designating a team of programmers, machinists and assemblers to support the project from start to finish.

 Hydraulic fixturing


The AME team utilized the plans this client sent and managed the full project build and testing. The final fixture matched the client’s specifications and utilized rows of Vektek clamps on a steel foundation, with steel tubing. The fixture assembly was a smooth process, and AME collaborated with this client throughout to ensure the final solution met their specifications.

Building a Custom Hydraulic Fixturing Solution