Heavy Duty™ T-Slot Workholding Clamps

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Heavy Duty™ T-Slot Clamps 

Heavy Duty™ T-Slot Clamps

Mitee-Bite Products introduces the Heavy Duty™ T-Slot Clamps – capable of generating over 20,000 pounds of pressure. This design utilizes some of the strongest lowest-profile clamps in the industry. The Pitbull® and OK-Vise® Clamps can be used on the same base with so many configurations you’re sure to have more holding force than needed!


Part No. Description
41000* CAD HD™ T-Slot Base ONLY – Order OK-Vise® Clamp separately
47131 CAD OK-Vise® Clamp Model DK2-VT with Serrated Jaws
47132 CAD OK-Vise® Clamp Model DK2-VT-S with Smooth Jaws
47141 CAD OK-Vise® Clamp Model DK2-VT+5S with Machinable and Smooth Jaw
47144 CAD OK-Vise® Clamp Model DK2-VT-TS with Tapped Holes and Smooth Jaw
47147 CAD OK-Vise® Clamp Model DK2-VT-RS with Serrated Jaw and Smooth Jaw
47151 CAD OK-Vise® Clamp Model DK2-WT Double Wedge with Serrated Jaws
47189 CAD OK-Vise® Clamp Model DK2-VT-B with Serrated Ball and Smooth Jaw
41080* CAD HD™ T-Slot Base and M12 Knife Edge Pitbull® Clamp
41085* CAD HD™ T-Slot Base and M12 Blunt Edge Pitbull® Clamp
41088* CAD HD™ T-Slot Base and M12 Machinable Pitbull® Clamp

*T-nuts and M12 mounting screws included.

Heavy Duty™ T-Slot Clamps Drawing


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