Pitbull® Workholding Clamps from Mittee-Bite

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Pitbull workholding clamps 

Modular Pitbull® Clamps

The Pitbull® Fixture Clamp is very well known for its low profile and positive down force. It is now available as a modular clamp in two styles.

The slotted Modular Pitbull® Clamp with a step offers increased versatility through its unique riser design. This clamp supports the workpiece off the machine table for through milling and drilling. The hardened and ground clamps are designed for use on work cubes, as well as, machine tables with tapped holes or T-slot configurations.

The compact Modular Pitbull® Clamp is ideal for clamping work pieces in series by using the back surface of a clamp to locate the next work piece. The back of the clamp is ground square to the bottom for precise location of parts. The height of the clamp can be adjusted by the depth of the milled slot used to locate the clamp. Tungsten Carbide coating can be added to increase holding force.


Force (N)


56220 56225   Med/Compact 57.1 31.242 25.1 NA 15.7 38.1 .61 16,000 22.5 M8
56230 56235   Lrg/Compact 68.6 37.592 31.5 NA 18.8 47.0 1.27 26,000 40.6 M10
56240 56245   Med/Slotted 103.6 31.700 25.1 18.542 9.1 43.2 12.7 .61 16,000 22.5 M12 Closed
56250 56255   Lrg/Slotted 107.0 38.100 40.9 35.000 9.1 38.6 10.9 1.27 26,000 40.6 M16 Closed

H* – Clamp Travel 

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